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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many buyers are choosing to view homes. For years, physical walkthroughs were the only way to gain a full understanding of a home/property. However, today we have technology at our fingertips, and viewing a home in its entirety from a digital device is easier than ever. Whether you are preparing your home for an in person showing or some type of virtual walkthrough, there are a few essential steps a seller should take to elevate the appearance of the home. With this, here are a few basic principles for home showings in 2021.

Clean and declutter.

This point can not be stressed enough! You always want to make sure that the home is cleaned thoroughly to impress buyers. Also, you want to remove all unnecessary clutter to make the home feel as spacious as possible. 

Take advantage of natural sunlight.

Before every showing, be sure that the home is getting as much natural sunlight as possible. Be sure to draw all the curtains to brighten all living spaces. In the case of most homebuyers, dark and dreary homes are less favorable then those that allow for a lot of sunlight. If rooms do not feature windows, you can also turn on lights in any areas that could benefit from additional light.

Elevate curb appeal.

Always keep in mind that first impressions go a long way in real estate. You want potential buyers to have a good feeling about your home right off the bat.  That being said, the first impression prospective buyers will likely have is the exterior of the home. Too often, sellers will not spend enough time and resources on their homes curb appeal. Be sure the lawn is cut, pathways are clear, and leaves are racked, Other beneficial steps to consider include laying fresh mulch, planting flowers, and pressure washing dirty areas.