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Successful real estate professionals understand the importance of networking with prospects. The more people that you connect with, the more business you are likely to do. Today, real estate networking can mean a variety of different things from speaking to clients in person or engaging with them in digital settings. If you are a real estate agent trying to network your business consider the following tips so that you continue to grow in 2019.

Be active on social media

One of the best ways to connect with clients is through social media. Real estate professionals today should take advantage of the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when promoting their property listings. Agents should also use these platforms to promote their services, as well as their expertise in the industry. Also, agents should look to share both picture and video content routinely because it will increase engagement.

Attend events

If your goal is to engage with your local communities, it is a good idea to attend events in your area. By doing so, you stay informed about the nearby neighborhoods and where you can expect to find potential buyers and sellers in the future. Trade shows are a great place to start, as they present the opportunity to speak with prospects face-to-face.

Maintain a reputable website

In order to be taken seriously in the estate industry, you need to have a professional website that encapsulates everything that you bring to a table as an agent. Your website should be interactive and visually attractive. In addition to high-quality photos, you should have videos, virtual tours, and external links to maximize engagement. For instance, consider including a brief introductory video about your business on the homepage of your website. This clip could explain your background in real estate and what separates your business from the competition.


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