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The most successful real estate agents today understand that a great deal of persistence is required when working with buyer or seller leads. In some cases, an agent may have to try several times before they can connect with a lead. Even after the initial communication, it can be challenging to follow-up with interested buyers or sellers because sometimes they are unresponsive. If you are a real estate agent who wishes to improve their approach to following-up with leads, consider the following techniques. 

Ask for their preferred methods of communication

Real estate agents can save themselves a lot of trouble by asking their clients which communication method they prefer the most. Today, many homebuyers are more responsive over text messaging compared to email. At the same time, there are also plenty of people who prefer a quick phone call over a digital message. For these reasons, real estate agents who want to provide the best customer service possible need to be accommodating to every lead. By allowing the homebuyer or seller to choose the method(s) of communication, it shows that you are willing to accommodate them. 

Schedule time to follow-up

Following up with leads is one of the best steps a real estate agent can do week in and week out. With a busy schedule of meeting with clients and hosting open houses, it can be challenging to find time to schedule times to follow up with prospects. This is why creating a proven-effective follow-up schedule is an excellent way to map out when to follow up with leads.

Know your approach

The goal when following up with a lead is to continue to build rapport with a buyer/seller. While you do not want to risk sounding rehearsed, scripts can be helpful for your opening follow-up statement. People want to know that the person who is reaching out to them is genuinely interested in helping them with their needs.