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Are you planning on selling your home? Read on and discover a few steps a seller can take to make their home/property more favorable to buyers. 

Eliminate the clutter.

One of the biggest turnoffs to buyers is clutter. When it comes time to stage a home for pictures and showings, it is best to rid your home of unnecessary items like knickknacks and certain decorative pieces to make your home appear more spacious. Many sellers make the mistake of storing their non essentials into hidden parts of a home (closets, basement, shed, garage). However, because homebuyers today are generally pretty thorough when touring homes, it is in your best interest to remove these items from the home altogether. 

Turn on all the lights.

One of the easiest steps a home seller can take when selling their home is to ensure it is well lit. You don’t want prospective buyers to struggle to navigate through your home. Also, when your home is well-lit, it can make an area appear larger and more inviting. If a showing is in the evening, be sure the porch lights are turned on as well as any other exterior light sources. It may be worth investing in solar-powered lights along your walkways to keep your home well illuminated for potential buyers. 

Stick with neutral color schemes.

When in doubt, choose neutral colors. Many sellers have a difficult time choosing colors that don’t align with their personal preferences. While neutral tones like gray, white, and beige may seem boring to you, they are oftentimes a wise choice when staging a home. This is because a neutral backdrop will allow buyers to better envision the potential of a room. Some people struggle to see past vibrant colors when touring a home online or in person.