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Are you ready to sell your home? 

Home staging is a crucial step for any home seller. Curb appeal means so much when it comes to residential real estate. If your aim is to increase the marketability of your home, curb appeal should be a top priority. With this, here are three curb appeal projects that will help your home sell.

Repaint your front door

The entryway is one of the first things buyers notice when touring a home. One of the best ways to make your home more inviting is to repaint your front door. This is a minor investment that can pay dividends when buyers tour your home. A fresh coat of paint will make you home more inviting by catching people attention.


It is amazing what a fresh layer of mulch does to a landscape. Not only does it suppress weeds while your home is on the market, but it also provides a nice contrast in color to the front yard and a cleaner appearance. By scattering fresh mulch around trees, garden beds, walkways, etc. you are giving the impression that the home is well maintained. Most types of mulch are not overly expensive; however, it can be a great investment for home sellers.

Give your lawn some love 

While this may seem obvious, basic yard care cannot be forgotten! Be sure that the front lawn is mowed evenly and weeds are attended to. Most buyers are excited to see a well-maintained front lawn that consists only of lush, green grass.

Selling a home usually requires a bit of work on the part of the seller. However, a few minor time and monetary investments can make a big difference in your ability to sell your home.