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Home staging is without question an extremely important step in the home selling process. It is amazing what a few small changes can do to make a home present better to buyers. However, all too often, sellers do not put nearly enough thought into how their furniture is arranged to appeal to the greatest amount of home buyers. With this, here are three important considerations for sellers when arranging furniture for home staging.

Ensure all rooms flow with one another

Most buyers today are looking for homes that flow well from one room to the next. You want each room of the house to connect visually with each other. This can be done with the help of furniture. Your goal should be for buyers to wander aimlessly throughout your home.

Open up as many blocked areas

Buyers want to view a home in its entirety. Do not make the mistakes of having blocked off areas due to poor furniture placement. Not only does it prevent buyers from being able to walk wherever they wish; but it can also make a room appear smaller. Also, do not position in a way that blocks windows. This is especially true if you have nice windows, which are a huge selling feature. When windows are blocked, you are limiting the amount of natural sunlight that can enter your home. 

There should be areas for conversation

Conversations are always going to be had inside homes for sale. Keep in mind when positioning furniture that you want to ensure there are enough areas where buyers and agents can congregate when they want to conversate with one another. In other words, clear seating areas are a must.