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It is always our choice to either make the best of the fruit that we are have or wish we had different fruit. You see, “fruit” is the very subtle simile for real estate leads in this incredibly deep and thought provoking peace of literary, professional soul searching. If we determine to work with the fruit we have, we are far more likely to reap a greater harvest rather than wishing the crappy little crabapple would become a juicy great watermelon. God knows the world has too many analogies and metaphors but this one is too much for a guy like me to pass on. Fruit like our work bears seeds and seeds create more fruit and sooner or later we have a cycle working in our advantage. The natural cycle is interrupted when we stop planting seeds and sit around wishing we had a watermelon.

crabappleWhenever we are wishing we had different fruit, we are prolonging the desire by disturbing the regular cycle and creating less of what we wanted to begin with. It is the energy we give to wishing that detracts from the energy we have to tend our crop. (this is getting out of control) This is not unusual and before we did this our parents did it too. Before them it was their parents and they probably knew some people that lived in caves that did the same. The cycle is what we have to stop and the fruit will generate seeds and the seeds will generate more fruit and then we can buy some different seeds and plant another garden. I would formally like to apologize to everyone that has ever used an analogy well.

To put it short “Work the leads you have and work them with passion and gusto and the reward will far outweigh the focus required.”


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