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beachSummer sales and getting real estate leads to commit their time to you so that you can make their desires come to fruition are not easy. You need to have a plan to make sure that your time is most productive and you generate sales from the leads that you are working. Even if people don’t mean to, they get pulled off course by friends and family and it is up to you to help them fight these temptations to the best of your ability. We work for them but we can’t let them work us.

Summertime is notoriously a difficult time to get people to commit to anything that his not recreational in nature. Seriously if you live in a cold weather climate and worked all week, would you want to drive around on your weekends looking at homes or would you rather be running around outside like a prison escapee?

I will tell you that I look forward to summer all winter and when the weather breaks it is hard to lock me into anything that does not jailinclude a large body of water. I have not spent any time behind bars but for me, snow and winter weather is pretty much the same thing. So how could someone get someone like me to stay committed to a weekend of looking at homes?

Here’s a couple of ways to overcome the potential of cancelled appointments:

  1. Plan showings in the morning or as early as possible so that the home buyer doesn’t get distracted with BBQ’s and other fun stuff.
  2. Make all appointments as far out as possible and then check in at least once before the day of the appointment with some value added. For example “I found another house that I think you are going to really like and wanted to add the house to our schedule if that would be OK?”

These work in all-weather conditions but as the hot summer sun warms our shoulders it is a little more important to have a strategy that keeps you from spending the whole weekend waiting for appointments that don’t materialize.

Happy summer and happy selling.


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