Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Sounds to good to be true…but guess what it is….true.

With the new system of generating real estate leads via social media. Qazzoo is able to pass the savings of more old school real estate lead gen platforms to the professional as well as the benefit to the local home buyers and sellers by having more of them serviced. Most real estate lead generation platforms are restricted by the cost of generating leads. But because Qazzoo uses social media as it’s backbone the leads are less expensive to generate and therefore can be distributed for a lower cost to the professionals that feel that they can assist the real estate consumer.

No more advertising for real estate leads sounds like a great idea but how can this be done?

trueWell as you know I am never bashful about answering my own questions. The case is that Qazzoo attracts a more socially conscious consumer and these buyers and sellers are experiencing the same issues as the real estate professionals in the field. They don’t know how to get hold of the right person. Making it the exclusive right of the real estate pro to select the consumer instead of the other way around, which has been the norm for over a decade now. Qazzoo has patented the technology that allows the pro to search for the consumer and therefore there is less confusion for the consumer and a higher degree of satisfaction for both parties.

Each member of Qazzoo is provided the ability to select 5 real estate leads each day, each month for a total cost of $99. The cost is ridiculously low and we do worry that the offer is seen as to be as too good to be true or the perceived value is reduced in the eyes of the Real Estate professionals.

If you are reading this and feel that the price is too low, feel free to make a contribution to your favorite charity for the price difference;-) Otherwise take advantage of the price by helping more people and closing more deals.


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