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Real Estate Lead Generation Solution

How does it work?

Hand select the leads you want, with no geographic limits 
and 100% guaranteed accurate contact information.

Through various Qazzoo owned property websites and mobile apps we generate motivated buyer and seller leads.

Rather than blindly accept leads, Qazzoo allows you to hand select the leads you want based off of consumer criteria.

With no referral fees or commission splits, you keep more of what you earn. Did we mention that we guarantee our leads?

Stop wasting time on bad leads and skyrocket your business

With guaranteed accurate leads, and the ability to cherry pick the clients you want to work with you’ll spend more time working with clients and less time chasing poor quality leads.

Advanced Lead Filtering

Filter leads by location, price range, credit history, etc – search and select your ideal clients.

Guaranteed Leads

If you ever get a lead from Qazzoo that gets past our filtering and has bad contact information, you can return that lead for a replacement credit.

Preview Your Leads Before you Choose to Work With Them

Gone are the days of buying a zip code and waiting blindly waiting for leads that don’t pan out.

Work Leads on Your Time

Proactively select leads from our live database, or work them in real time as you are notified for new leads.

Check area availability

We work with a limited number of real estate professionals in each market.

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