Qazzoo Testimonials

We've had such a positive response with our new platform that we wanted to share what some of our customers are saying...

Jesse W. - Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

I have been using Qazzoo for the last 5 months and am satisfied with the results from the leads. I have closed multiple purchases and have other preapprovals in the pipeline. This has been a great tool to generate immediate and future purchase business. The site is very easy to use and I like how I can target the areas I am looking for and the amount I purchase from day to day.

Gregg S. - Realtor, South Carolina

Meet The Companies Pitching At The Washington D.C. And NYC Meetups. I unlocked my first lead with Qazzoo just over 2 months ago and I have already closed on a home for that client. I also have listed one home so far. I have another buyer client who is getting pre-approved right now and we should be shopping for a home for their family very soon. There are quite a few more prospects in the pipeline and I will be nurturing these along also. Qazzoo has been very beneficial to me as a relatively new Realtor. As you can tell by these results, Qazzoo leads plus diligent effort has really paid off for me. I am very pleased.

Eric C. in Chicago, IL.

I just wanted to update you and let you know how things are coming along. I'm a mortgage banker and I am shocked at how high the lead to contact ratios are with the Qazzoo leads. It's great for me because while many people are looking for a home, most of them are needing to get approved for a loan whether they want to buy or sell. The best lead source I've ever used!

Realtors at United Real Estate

Qazzoo is a great site for quality leads. Our Account Representative Vince Williams has been more than accommodating in helping to set up our accounts quickly and easily. We have the flexibility to hand select leads. We would recommend this site for wanting to stay a cut above the rest in the Real Estate Industry.

Brian B. - Kenna Real Estate

I am a Realtor in Colorado and a happy Qazzoo Customer! I have been with Qazzoo for a few months. From the get go Ryan Stevenson and Bill Hann have been very helpful with my questions and concerns. I have called them a few times and they are always friendly and professional. I am happy with the leads, the customer support I have receive from Bill and Ryan. In just a few months I have closed a couple of transactions already and look forward to many more!